Personal Managers Hall Of Fame

Celebrating Illustrious Careers in Entertainment, Music, and Talent Management.

As Mr. Goulet’s representative, her many television credits include Fantasy Island, Police Squad, Matt Houston, Finder of Lost Loves, Murder She Wrote, CBS/DISNEY Studios Pilot- Acting Sheriff -Make My Day, In The Heat Of The Night, Based On A Untrue Story, The Simpsons, Get Smart, Burkes Law, George and Leo, Recess, Mercedes-Benz commercials, the highly acclaimed “Kooky College Tunes” ESPN Basketball for which Mr. Goulet won a sports Emmy, Two Guys and a Girl, Nikki, My Favorite Broadway, Las Vegas and King Of Queens. 

Her film credits encompass such motion pictures as Beetlejuice, Scrooged, The Naked Gun II ½: The Smell of Fear, Mr. Wrong, Disney’s animated feature Recess, Toy Story II, The Last Producer and G-Men From Hell. 

Robert and Vera were married in 1982.  Although they spent much of their lives on the road, Vera treasured the time they shared in their Las Vegas home where she and Robert enjoyed quiet moments with their dogs and cats. Her hobbies are collecting paintings, sculpture and antiques, also painting, reading, and writing.

Robert and Vera were very actively involved with their local community in Las Vegas, supporting the arts as well as many charitable, humanitarian, environmental and social issues worldwide, which Vera quietly continues to do. It was evident to friends and strangers just by seeing them together that Robert and Vera shared a unique love, which some people will never experience in their lifetime. They were inseparable until the very end.

On October 30, 2007 pulmonary fibrosis silenced the big-voiced baritone. Vera was with him constantly during his hospitalization and held his hand until his last breath. Robert and Vera were married in 1982.

She continues to keep Robert’s legacy alive and is working on various projects, including compiling albums of Robert’s never previously released recordings, Robert’s autobiography and poetry.


​Vera Chochorovska was born in Bitola, Macedonia, former Yugoslavia. By the age of eleven, she and her mother had been twice caught and imprisoned for attempting to escape from their native communist Yugoslavia. Their third attempt to cross the border from Yugoslavia into Italy was a success, and they spent two years in Italian refugee camps before immigrating to England. In 1980, she moved to America and was instrumental in managing Robert Goulet's career and business enterprises for twenty-seven years. 

She has produced and directed over 5000 concert performances of An Evening With Robert Goulet, also Robert Goulet The Man and His Music, and has been the primary creative and contractual business negotiator for the national tours of Kiss Me Kate, South Pacific, The Fantasticks 1990, Camelot 90; 92-94;98, Broadway and National tours; Moon Over Buffalo 1996 (Broadway), Man Of La Mancha 1996, La Cage aux Folles (Broadway) 2005, all starring Robert Goulet.

Vera Goulet

Inducted 2023