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Lois Miller caught the show business bug after spending years on tour and then in Hollywood with her youngest daughter Lara Jill. Upon returning home to Pennsylvania, she saw both a need and an opportunity, and armed with a few agency contacts, a telephone and fax machine in a little office of her husband's pajama factory, and a genuine affection for kids, she was on her way to success.

Whether discovering and helping develop the careers of famous young actors or booking countless numbers of kids in theatre, television and film, commercials and print, Lois' special gift was caring. She fully invested herself in the careers of every one of her clients, treating each as if they were her own child. 

​Whether Broadway (Miss Saigon, Les Miserables, Tommy and Billy Elliot, to name a few) or regional theatre - Lois was there to support them. She routinely traveled both to New York and throughout the country just so she could be there for "her kids," often seeing their shows multiple times. She calmed clients' nervous jitters as she accompanied them on callbacks, just as she allayed the fears of anxious or worried parents. She even packed knapsacks filled with treats and other goodies, like travel games and fold up raincoats! 

Most importantly, she insisted that every child get good grades in school, and that they were happy, healthy and enjoyed what they were doing, with total family support. She knew from personal experience exactly how a family could feel when their kid was suddenly catapulted into the spotlight, and so she made it her mission to do everything in her power to see that they would all get to enjoy a world they never, ever could have imagined! 

Her business flourished. Her focus and determination in Star Talent Management remained unwavering, and its reputation and success continued even when she was later diagnosed with frontotemporal lobe dementia. As the illness progressed and throughout those extremely rough years, with the unending love and invaluable support from her husband Stan, Star Talent booked its last client on Broadway the very last week of operation.

Lois loved being a manager. She loved “her kids” and was proud of every one of them. She was so very proud of Star Talent Management. 

Now, her star continues to shine bright. Thank you, NCOPM for being a big part of that.
Lovingly remembered by her 3 daughters, Lara, Sharon, Cindy and her husband Stan.

SOURCE: Lara Jill Miller 

Lois Miller ​(1937-2014)

Inducted 2017